Your entry point for China Market - Quality, Speed, Value

Hy-Win International Limited is an engineering service and international business consulting firm. We offer cost effective solutions by providing outsourcing services in engineering, tooling, manufacturing, and supplier quality assurance, as well as business development for market entry in China and U.S.A.

Our services will be an invaluable, integrated part in the process of turning your brightest innovations into deliverables that will satisfy your customers and exceed their expectations.

Our goal is to help you to achieve excellence in quality, speed and value creation. With the back office established in China, working with our strategy alliance companies, we provide high quality services with very competitive cost and fast turnaround time in the following areas:

  • International Business Development
  • Manufacturing/Engineering Outsourcing Service
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Service
  • Provide quality control oversight in product manufacturing and delivery in China.